Your Club

Because never before has there been a place where you could be so attached to your Club and everything that surrounds it. In Njoi you will have timely information on events, schedules, messages from your coach, the next game… and every interesting event that happens in the Club you belong to. You will live total connection.

Live your colours

Live your colours

In Njoi you and your Club will be connected in a very special way. Because in addition to being informed of all the events that occur, you will be part of them. You will be able to give your valuable feedback.

You will receive messages from your coach which will strengthen the relationship with him / her along with the rest of the team.

You will notice how your feeling towards the Club grows day by day and will feel more and more proud to belong to it. You will form part of a large family, defending your Club colours with more enthusiasm than ever.

And that’s not all. As a member of Njoi you will have an online store at your disposal, where you can buy whatever interests you, with exclusive privileges. Your Club will benefit and so will you.

You will live total connection and form part of a great team.