Federated Athletes


Can you imagine a place where you can find absolutely everything to do with your favourite sport? That place is right here. Njoi is the meeting point, where you will be able to access everything you want quickly and easily: news, novelties, forums, teams, classification tables… and many more things created just for you. Discover them.


Because never before has there been a place where you could be so attached to your Club and everything that surrounds it. In Njoi you will have timely information on events, schedules, messages from your coach, the next game… and every interesting event that happens in the Club you belong to. You will live total connection.


At last you can have a great time with your friends in a place specially designed for you. For people like you who live sport in a different way. Njoi was conceived for all of you, an exclusive space to connect with your friends. To share everything that brings you together. And above all, to enjoy unforgettable experiences.Wait no more.