The great family of sport

Clubs and their managers are the alma mater of grassroots sport. They form the core around which peoples’ sporting activities are structured. The invaluable social function they perform needs dedication, time and resources, factors which are not always available.

The aim and commitment behind Njoi is to become a strong ally of these clubs. Njoi will provide them with the tools that will make these clubs easier to organise and manage. Through our technological platform fast and easy bi-directional communication between all our members will be achieved. There will be a direct line to the players, coaches, other clubs and the federation.

Together we will improve the range of services to optimise resources and gain access to financing methods which have hitherto been untapped. The connection amongst all the components of the club will be constant and this will strengthen their links.

From Njoi a strong emotional bond will be created. The feeling of belonging to the same group and the pride of defending the same club colours will grow day by day.