Share, Connect, Enjoy

Live the adventure of Njoi in an environment where sport, you and your friends are the star players. A meeting point which is different to all the rest and exclusive to you.

From now on you will be able to share with your friends and teammates the most exciting matches, the funniest anecdotes, the most striking images or the most creative videos. And participate in contests where you choose the best photos and videos of the season.

You will have the opportunity to make new friends by contacting colleagues from other teams in your category and you will know the results of all your games category within minutes of the completion of the matches with our mobile application. You will also have at your disposal an online gaming portal and virtual competitions related to sport so you will have a great time.

You can create your sports background and share it, if you want to. And all this without having to give up your favourite social networks.

With Njoi, the adventure has just begun. Enjoy it.