Everything that interests you

Find out why, in Njoi, you are the true star. Enter a world in which you will be informed of any developments that affects you personally or your entire team.

You will receive messages from your coach, your club or your federation. You’ll be on top of all the available data about the competition you are participating in (schedules, results, teams, players, statistics …), and of course, the same thing goes for any other competition that interests you.

You will be able to actively participate in forums and sign up for distance learning courses designed specially for you.

You’ll have access to a comprehensive schedule of activities and events related to your favourite sport (tournaments, campus, meetings, parties) to which you will be invited and for which you will be able to enroll, quickly and easily. Everything in a single place and in a secure environment. In a way that is dynamic, intuitive, easy and fun.


Njoi gives you the whole world of the sport you play.